As we continue to build momentum and awareness in the market and on-board new customers, we are also moving to aggressively hire and build out our team with the best players in the industry. To that end, I am pleased to announce the hiring of Patrick Morrissey to join our management team as the Vice President of Marketing. Pat joins Tidemark after four years at where he had multiple roles including Vice President of ISV, channels and strategic alliances, and Vice President of Industry marketing and solutions. Prior to Salesforce, Morrissey was SVP of Marketing and Alliances at Savvion, a leader in business process software, acquired by Progress Software, and he spent five years at Business Objects as Vice President of Enterprise Performance Management. I am excited to add a proven performer with experience in cloud and performance management to our team.

Among the reasons we are excited to have Pat our team is that he comes from the enterprise leader in cloud computing. Salesforce’s relentless passion and mission to end the old world of software and their relentless focus on customer success are exactly the attributes we are looking to instill in our team at Tidemark.

Customer success is what makes a great company, something we have gotten to see up close in our partnership with Workday. The passion and the love for customers is driven by their founders Dave Duffield and Aneel Bhusri, but it is reflected and amplified across all roles and levels in the company. When a company engages with Workday, they can expect a different experience and a commitment to keep their promises.

Workday and Salesforce are innovative companies and thought leaders. They have reimagined how a software company should behave and what they should offer. We want to replicate some of those things here in the culture of Tidemark

  • Trust – The core value around customer success is the result of a focus on trust: Trust in the security and performance of the service, trust in the people who build it, and trust that the company’s success is inextricably linked to that of their customers
  • Cloud – Both companies have proven that the cloud is core to even the largest enterprises. Salesforce started with small companies and grew into enterprise clients, but Workday focused on the needs of enterprise cloud from day one.
  • Simplicity –Salesforce was founded on the idea that enterprise software should be easy like Amazon, Google and Yahoo in the early days, and like Facebook and Twitter are now. You see this same simplicity when you view Workday on your iPad.
  • Information democracy – Salesforce disrupted the old world paradigm that great technology was only available to the largest customers who paid tens of millions of dollars.
  • Building the community – It only takes one trip to Salesforce’s Dreamforce or Workday Rising to understand that the true power of these companies is not in their technology, but in the community they bring together and the experience they deliver.

These same values are important to me as we grow our team and our customer base. We are hiring strong leaders and athletes at all levels who have skills across one or more disciplines, are a strong fit for our high performance culture, and maybe most importantly, want to be part of reimagining an industry. We are building a great team with an intense focus on customer success. Nothing is more important to the long-term success of Tidemark than staying focused on the needs of our customers.

As we move into our next phase of growth, we are looking for top talent in all areas of the company from product development, sales and marketing , to customer success and support. We want smart, passionate people who don’t just want to build a great product, they want to transform a market.

And as someone who grew up in technology, I have a special passion for product development and the people on the team. We are hiring now for key roles including:

  • User Experience development: The feedback we get from customers is that they believe we have developed a beautiful user experience that really is mobile first, but we think we can push it even farther
  • Application Developer: Our team is delivering cloud applications at scale that can handle big data needs for enterprise. We are aggressively building out the team that can deliver truly great enterprise apps
  • Computation Developer: Transforming analytics in the cloud requires us to totally rethink application architecture and computational requirements. We think we have a different approach and we want more expertise to push the envelope

If you want to part of the next phase of transformation in cloud computing, we would love to talk to you.