As a fellow Founder/CEO, this tweet by the CEO of Box caught my eye. 

"I'm really satisfied with where the product is at." said no founder ever.

— Aaron Levie (@levie) June 10, 2012

Nobody at Tidemark knows why any better than my world-class product team. I’m intensely involved in all aspects of product development, from rethinking what business analytics should look like to the technologies we use to make it all possible. Hadoop has been a core technology from the very start. There are tremendous financial benefits I can pass on to customers, and the technology itself is impressive.

Tidemark partnered with Cloudera before we even came out of stealth. We were early development partners and helped to test and mold some of the key aspects of their latest release of Cloudera’s Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH4). The headline of their new release is about driving the “Ease of Use, Integration and Adoption of Apache Hadoop for the Enterprise”, but two features in particular are going to make a huge difference to our customers. 

High Availability –CDH4 adds a second namemode for automatic failover, which eliminated a potential liability in Hadoop. As Jeff Kelly noted in SiliconANGLE, “This single point of failure has been one of Hadoop’s most glaring holes, preventing wider adoption in the enterprise to support mission critical applications and workloads.” It’s a big deal for us as well and to our customers. HA is one of the most important underpinnings of a modern business analytics application. CDH4 is continuing to innovate while also introducing new capabilities required for enterprise applications and enterprise deployments.

Less Maintenance – CDH4 also released upgrades to Flume, called Flume NG. Flume collects, aggregates and moves log data from several sources into a single data store. The Flume NG upgrades in CDH4 basically allow my team to spend less time configuring and maintaining these logs. Cloudera also says this will translate to a 200% improvement in our data ingest rate. Essentially this is another win-win as maintenance goes down while performance improves.

Using technology that is new, fresh and constantly updated makes it a lot more fun for my teams to build enterprise apps, and it brings serious benefits to our customers.  While those of us in product development appreciate the new technology enhancements with CDH4, the real winners here are the business users.  They will benefit from a whole new class of cloud apps that are emerging to take advantage of Hadoop.   That is the vision we are chasing.