Happy Independence Day! Whether you are watching a 4th of July parade, having a BBQ, or just taking a break, this is a great opportunity to celebrate freedom.

Freedom is a founding principle for us here in the states and an inspiration for many.  It is hard not to be inspired by great personal stories of freedom.  From Lopez Lomong’s amazing journey from childhood prisoner in Sudan to Olympic team member for the US track team to the personal story of our Founder and CEO Christian Gheorghe, the idea and the promise of freedom can make a powerful impact.

What about freedom for enterprise software?

Gartner’s Michael Maoz wrote a great holiday blog which discusses how enterprises can take the idea of freedom and apply it to the way they work.

“The shackles of IT that have forced otherwise clever people to use business application software designed for worklife in1980 are failing. Cloud computing has unleashed dozens of new companies with new designs, with collaborative interfaces, with inline intelligence.”

Amen.  Moaz’s point is less about pointing fingers at IT and much more about the reality that old world, on-premise approaches, have outlived their usefulness.   If your organization forces you to use Lotus Notes or Sharepoint, consider yourself shackled.  Still waiting for your finance partner to send the updated financials in a spreadsheet? Shackled.  Waiting for the PDF report to land in your Friday email?  Shackled.

Cloud applications and collaboration give individuals and businesses the opportunity to break out of the old and rethink their business.   Cloud first and mobile first means freedom to manage the way you want.

It also means you are free to expect more.  Enjoy the holiday.