This week Good Technology released the results of a survey conducted on mobile device usage of 1,000 U.S. working adults. They found that 80 percent of people keep working after they leave the office, for an average of 7 extra hours per week. If you do the math, that’s an extra 1.25 days per month! Some other interesting stats uncovered in the survey:

Source: Good Technology Survey

My instant reaction when I saw these stats was shock. Andrew Nusca at ZDNet even responded with an article titled: “Stop the Mobile Madness. Seriously.” After about 5 seconds though I realized, yep, this describes me perfectly. The first thing I do every morning is grab my iPhone and check my email. The last thing I do every night before turning out the light is check my email. A quick tally from everyone sitting around me in the office confirmed, yep, the survey results describe them as well.

Where’s the Angry Birds of Business/Productivity Apps?
There are lots of interesting takeaways one could gather from these results, and I won’t explore the ones everyone in the media has already touched on. I was surprised however, that nobody mentioned the most obvious one: If work and personal life are more entwined than ever, where’s the Angry Birds of business/productivity apps?

This past March, Apple announced that they’d reached their 25th billion app download. An amazing feat, but scanning their list of the all-time most popular apps reveals very few business or productivity apps. In fact, the only place you’ll find them is on the iPad paid apps list, and even then you’re left with only Apple’s productivity apps, a few notetaking apps, and two apps geared toward leveraging MS office or your PC desktop.

I also don’t want to forget about business/productivity apps designed for mobile browsers. This is afterall one of the problems Tidemark is trying to solve. However, there are actually fewer examples here than in Apple’s App Store. There is a severe lack of business apps designed for mobile browsers.

The Opportunity
While emailing and talking on the phone are two work tasks that eat up a lot of time, they’re not the only two. Running a business requires collaboration, planning, document creation, data analysis, report building and consumption, and much more. While Box, Yammer, Salesforce Chatter, and many other companies have made solid inroads, there still remains an enormous opportunity to create business/productivity apps designed for mobile devices. As Good Technology’s survey results show, the appetite is there. Someone just needs to feed them.