One of the beliefs that I have held very closely since the inception of Tidemark is that user experiences trump algorithms. There is nothing more satisfying than the emotional pull of a great user experience that makes us feel engaged and empowered.

Apple – the Holy Grail of user experiences – is a well known, documented and revered example. Apple’s superior user experience starts with the packaging. The devices themselves dominate from a UX perspective with apps that require zero configuration or backend knowledge to operate. Simple tasks like connecting to a printer really are simple, and when you turn the device on, it’s ready within seconds.

Contrast this with the experience you get with a PC. You need to become educated on things like drivers and software versions. There is no instant gratification.

If you are not convinced how maddening this can be, take a look at one of the most discussed topics on Quora: the “worst design ever.”

People choose Mac over PC because the user experience is superior, making us all feel like geniuses. And as Nick Bilton recently wrote in The New York Times, we are impatient geniuses.

As a recent Harvard Business Review article pointed out, “UX is the new black in business culture.” For far too long, people have accepted a terrible user experience in the enterprise because they’ve been trained to believe it can’t be done any other way. They accept apps that make them feel inept.

Enterprise has a lot to learn from the consumer.

A modern user experience should make you feel like a genius.  If you’ve ever used Square, you know what I mean. You are not merely using Square eWallet. You experience it in a way that brings immense satisfaction to something as common as paying for things you love.

Consumers are finding the Genius Experience to be common among consumer apps. Even 160 year old Wells Fargo now offers a convenient mobile banking app that allows customers to make deposits, payments, or changes to their account with a few taps on their smartphone or tablet.

These same consumers are taking their experience to work, and expect intuitive, out-of-the-box solutions that give them access to the information they need to do what they want, when they want. They no longer accept that a poor user experience is a requirement in the enterprise.

The rise of the millennial workforce is leading this user experience revolution in the enterprise. They don’t have the patience to read Software for Dummies or wait around for IT. They want to get involved, understand what matters to their own business context, act on it and share it with the organization at large.

With Millennials projected to comprise half of the US workforce by 2020, a superior user experience is no longer a trend – it’s the new standard for enterprise apps. The best engine in the world with the most complex algorithms is rendered useless unless accompanied by a great user experience.

Gone are the days of complex, confusing legacy solutions that put insights into the hands of a few tech-savvy power users. The next generation of apps must deliver an actionable user experience that makes people across the organization feel like geniuses.

Only then will The Genius Experience empower employees at all levels within your organization to make “genius” business decisions.