Having been a purveyor of innovation and growth in the analytics space for the past fifteen years, it is a personal obsession to fight the legacy oppression of the enterprise today.

In the wake of unprecedented technology and innovation, too many companies remain chained to their legacy solutions. Legacy vendors are working overtime to blur the line between new enterprise technology and dinosaur solutions, racing to park their cement trucks in the cloud.

Take SAP as an example - who recently offered customers the “privilege” of escaping maintenance fees by paying more to move their software to the cloud. As SVP Steve Lucas recently told Venture Beat, performance management “has to be about delivering cloud solutions.” I disagree. It has to be about delivering business value.

Since the mass consolidation of the enterprise software industry in the early 2000s, legacy customers have been shouldering the burden of extracting this value, with legacy giants holding tightly to their maintenance stream instead of focusing on delivering value to their customers.

Enterprises are spending exorbitant resources on expensive hardware and maintenance bills. They are stifled with limited, confusing analytics that are trapped in the hands of a few power users, prohibiting the most impactful players in the business from taking action. They are being held prisoner by outdated tools that don’t give them the flexibility to make educated decisions from the field in real-time.

The rise of the cloud stack has given way to innovative, best of breed solutions that should spur customers to question what they’re really getting in exchange for their big maintenance bill. But with oligarchy comes propaganda, and the enterprise is still imprisoned by the legacy propagated belief that moving the same old approach to the cloud will reap the same benefit as solutions that were built for the cloud.

Today, we announced company momentum with significant growth for the first half of our fiscal year. This momentum is being driven by organizations like Brown University and Hostess Brands that have tuned out the propaganda and are seeking true transformation. They know they can’t get where they want to go with legacy, and even if they could, it would take too long.

Our vision is to free the enterprise with actionable insights that empower people at all levels within the organization to quickly make data-driven, impactful business decisions in the context of their business goals.

While I have tremendous respect for the people that work at legacy providers, I will always choose to fight for freedom, innovation, and empowerment. There is a war raging in the analytics space, and a clear battle line has been drawn. Which side do you want to be on?