I spent my first six months at Tidemark listening.

Just listening.

To more than 100 companies.

Why? Because from the very start, Christian Gheorghe and I set out to build products that natively address customers’ needs and workflows. So long before we wrote a single line of code, we decided to always get our marching orders from the very people who would be relying on that code.

I’ve been pleased to take point on that effort by leading our Customer Success team. Working directly with customers, I’ve learned not only what they need to do to drive a culture of performance, but precisely where their legacy enterprise performance management solutions fail to help them do it.  We also regularly meet with customers in “fireside chats” that involve our entire company. This is a powerful experience for all of us, because when everyone is focused on customer pain, then everyone is involved in relieving it.

Introducing the Fall 2013 Release

Today, we’re taking our customer-first approach even further with Tidemark’s Fall 2013 release.

Everything in this new release – two new applications and 25 new features – results directly from our collaboration with customers.

  • They told us they want to more easily align business decisions with financial realities and goals, so we’ve done it.
  • They said they needed better visibility, accountability and what-if analyses for their largest expense area – typically talent – so we’ve included a new application to take control of labor management and planning.  
  • We heard from customers who want to take better advantage of opportunities to maximize profitability or even dynamically address conditions that challenge it, so we’ve built an app specifically focused on managing and analyzing profitability in a collaborative, transparent way.
  • We’ve also observed how some customers have innovatively put Tidemark to work in areas that extend well beyond finance, such as planning initiatives, managing IT spending and forecasting sales. So to make those capabilities readily available to all companies, our Fall 2013 release includes new features to support them.
  • Finally, customers have described where they’d like us to take modeling: They want to configure performance-analytic processes in ways that drive engagement and empowerment across the enterprise. So the new release incorporates process-aware modeling at “cloud scale,” which enables customers to leverage Tidemark’s modern cloud and computation architecture so they can acquire actionable big data insights in the context of the process, and realize unprecedented time-to-value.

We’re excited about this new era in Tidemark’s product evolution. And if you want to see it in action, we’ve provided a helpful demonstration here.

Moving forward, rest assured we’ll keep listening and we’ll keep innovating–as promised in our core corporate tenents–to ensure the success of our customers first and foremost. In fact, to further entrench the voice of the customer in our product development efforts, I’m very excited to now be serving as Tidemark’s Chief Product Officer. And I’ll be collaborating closely with Scott Fitzharris, our new Vice President of Customer Success, who has been working hands-on with Tidemark’s customers since our initial release in 2012.

Our goal will be the same as it’s always been:  To deliver the enterprise performance management capabilities companies really need in applications they actually want to use. Listening.  It’s that simple.