It’s been a quick but exciting and productive trip to London for the Tidemark team at Workday Rising Europe. First, congratulations to Workday on a great event. Tidemark was a Silver Sponsor, and our role in the event afforded us some wonderful opportunities to meet with Workday sales and product team members, and to make many new connections. It’s always exciting to meet with new people and learn about challenges that Tidemark can help solve.

One highlight: the Tuesday Super Session, where Workday presented a message of a unified platform between finance and HR.  Tidemark complements both sides of the Workday house by extending capability in budgeting, forecasting and planning. One of the key takeaways of this session was the message that cloud- and mobile-first solutions – designed expressly for cloud deliver and access on any mobile device – represent the future for the enterprise – a message that should sound very familiar to Tidemark customers.


Tidemark Financial Consolidation App and Expansion into Europe

Tidemark’s own highlight was today’s sneak peek into our Spring ’14 Release featuring the new Financial Consolidation App, along with our expansion into the European market.

Tidemark is heading into Europe with an initial presence in the UK, France, Germany and Benelux, as well as working with a growing ecosystem of global partners. Turns out we didn’t just come to Europe this week to visit; we’re here to stay.

Tidemark’s Product Manager for Consolidation Apps Jerome Cukier led an exciting session on Financial Consolidation for the Modern World, featuring the new Tidemark Financial Consolidation App, which has taken the traditional consolidation process and turned it upside down and inside out. The new app transforms consolidation from a laborious, endlessly iterative process involving just a few group controllers into a collaborative experience that engages stakeholders throughout the organization, captures and keeps all crucial contextual information, and updates consolidation data in real time. This application allows group controllers and executives to not only see consolidated data, but also drive context within analytic processes and collaborative workflows so that their organizations can focus on making data-driven decisions on what’s important to the business.

As Workday Rising Europe attendees discovered this week, there’s a better way to approach business planning and analytics.  Now it’s up to us to make sure the rest of Europe makes the same discovery.