The business world is changing. CEOs and CFOs are increasingly worried about growth[i]. And as they try to generate and manage growth in a constantly unpredictable marketplace, they’re finding legacy planning and analytics tools have become more liabilities than assets. 

To solve modern problems, they need truly modern solutions.

At Tidemark, we’re obsessed with answering that need, and our response is to never stop innovating. So today we’re announcing the availability of our Spring ‘14 release. Tidemark Spring ‘14 features new innovations that can help you achieve more rapid, predictable growth, even in quickly changing markets. In conjunction, we’re announcing that we’ve closed an additional round of funding totaling $32 million. This financing will help us accelerate our sales and marketing efforts and continue to fuel our momentum and better serve our customers.

Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve packed into the Spring ‘14 release:

  • Tidemark “Playbooks.” This new Board Book for the 21st Century is a revolutionary way to help decision-makers uncover and understand contextual, revenue-driving “plays” previously held hostage by cumbersome financial planning processes. You can create a highlight reel of information for business-users to fully grasp the complete narrative of your company’s performance and act on potential problems, as well as model new solutions.
  • More innovations for modern business planning and analytics. We’ve included 40 new innovations that extend the Tidemark platform and make it easier for your front-line personnel to participate in budgeting, planning and analysis – without sacrificing flexibility. These innovations include Advanced In-context Analysis, Self-service Configuration, Business Method Frameworks and Business Initiatives Planning.
  • Extending cloud-to-cloud consumption. We’re adding software performance analytics company New Relic as an integration partner to seamlessly inject application performance-related data into your planning process.

With our recently announced European expansion and 300 percent revenue growth in fiscal year 2014, we are demonstrating that we are truly a disruptive force in Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). I believe that’s because we’re not standing still – not trying to retrofit old solutions to solve new problems. Every day, we’re collaborating with our customers so we can continue deliver the kind of innovations that make us (and them) agents of change in the EPM space. I hope you can join us to learn more about our latest innovations on May 8 at 11:00AM PDT for the Spring ’14 Live Demo Webinar.

Creating something from nothing is an endeavor that cannot happen without the tremendous support from our customers and the hard work of our A+ team. This innovative release was brought to you by the great leadership of Co-founder and Chief Product Officer Tony Rizzo and Sandeep Balouria, Curtis Bartley, Mavio Barton, Adity Bedi, Bradley Black, Sam Brandt, Michelle Breslin, Michael Buell, John Cade, Judith Campion, Minchul Chae, Ashmi Chokshi, Andrew Dahl, Petar Daniel, Haritha Dodda, Elizabeth Eady, Irina Elent, Jimmy Ezell, Avshalom Falek, Jebril Filali, Even Fletcher, Susan Flynn, Jeremy Guttman, Rachel Harkness, Ben Hart, John Hickey, Nikolai Hristov, George Jaquette, Nevin Kapoor, Michael Kuo, Ming Lui, Nalin Makar, Heidi Miller, Oleg Milman, Darmalingum Muthiayen, Srikanth Narayan, Daniel Nathanson, Amit Parikh, Rakesh Patel, John Pitstick, Nikolas Psomas, Donald Reed, Craig Rueda, James Sharrett, Keith Shum, Anthony Smith-Grieco, Sathya Somasundaram, George Spofford, Nebojsa Stojanovich, Roy Sturgeon, Michael Talbott, Tina Tung, Paul Van Cleave, Michael Varshavsky, Barry Wasmund, James Wilking and Andrew Winders.

[i] Gartner, July 31, 2013, Tech Go-to-Market: Best Practices for Selling Services to CFO.