Recently, Christian Gheorghe, Tidemark’s founder and CEO, was interviewed on CNBC’s Street Signs. It was no surprise that co-host Brian Sullivan’s initial focus was Christian’s amazing personal history. After all, Christian escaped Communist Romania with just $26 to his name, started out driving a limo in New York City, and taught himself English by listening to Pink Floyd records. He impressed one of his limousine clients enough to earn a shot at a technology consulting gig, and that’s all he needed.

As the years progressed, Christian proved his entrepreneurial bona fides again and again. After successfully launching and then selling three software companies, Christian ascended to the post of CTO of SAP, where he drove the technology direction of the software giant’s enterprise performance management (EPM) and governance, risk and compliance (GRC) businesses. But Christian is a relentless entrepreneur – the kind of man who sees a better future and figures out how to build it – and that led him to leave SAP and pursue a radically new vision for EPM. The embodiment of that vision is Tidemark.

As you view the CNBC interview, I urge you to pay attention to Christian’s opening commentary on the secret to his success. “At the root of it,” he says, “is the pull of freedom.”

When Christian talks about freedom, he’s not only talking about shaking off the constraints of Romania’s stifling Communist dictatorship. He’s referring to how Tidemark is changing the way organizations go about enterprise analytics. It’s about freeing them from the strict limitations of legacy, premise-based enterprise analytics applications – systems built for use only by financial analysts who tapped walled-off data silos to generate quarterly reports. These cumbersome applications were designed for a world that’s all but unrecognizable today – a world that existed before the cloud, before mobile, and before companies realized that agility and real-time insights are crucial for their success.

Tidemark is designed to work the way people do, rather than forcing people to understand complex platforms that few ever bother to learn. By bringing planning and analytics to virtually every manager in a company, Tidemark is empowering the entire organization to manage performance, optimize results, and immediately understand the implications their decisions will have on the business. Industry-first innovations like Storylines and Playbooks push insight out to every corner of the business and present crucial information in ways that anyone – not just finance experts and power users – can understand. Its cloud-based architecture spares organizations from buying expensive hardware and maintenance contracts, and its mobile-first design means any authorized user with a tablet can access current information, run what-if scenarios, or update forecasts as soon as new information is available.

As Christian told CNBC, Tidemark is about giving businesses the freedom to “empower everybody in the organization to make decisions when it matters in the now.”

Take it from Christian Gheorghe: Once you get a taste of that kind of freedom, there’s no going back.