When you weigh the forces that will shape your business in the coming weeks or months, where do you look for data that gives you insight, the information that will inform your plans and forecasts?

If your answer is only the general ledger, then I have some advice for you: Keep looking.

Why? Because we’re now living in a real-time age, where applications, social networks, cloud services and networked sensors throw off endless streams of data that, when assessed and analyzed properly, have the potential to tell you:

  • What’s really driving your business
  • What external factors or market forces are most likely to threaten your success
  • Which scenarios have the best chance of netting you the biggest return

Tidemark’s vision has always focused on improving how organizations plan and run their businesses. We believe there’s a significant need to re-imagine and improve financial planning and analysis (FP&A) processes for today’s enterprises. Tying together financial and operational data provides greater visibility into the business, and adding external unstructured data to this mix allows you to leverage Big Data to gain unprecedented power that leads to growth-targeted actions and outcomes. As the new Impact Report from 451 Research shows, Big Data Finance is on the rise – and Tidemark is “ahead of the curve” in offering the capabilities decision-makers need to derive real business value from unstructured data streaming from sources like Twitter, Thomson Reuters, Nielsen, Moody’s and the U.S. Department of Labor.  In the report, available only to 451 Research subscribers, analyst Krishna Roy summarizes the argument for Big Data Finance and the distills the value proposition of Tidemark’s new Fall ’14 Release:  “Both externally and internally generated information can be brought into the performance management mix to provide new insights into metrics and key performance indicators, which wouldn’t be possible using structured data only.”

The 451 Research report details the key advancements built into Fall ’14, including predictive analytics capabilities such as correlation and causation. It also outlines how Tidemark now handles dynamic aggregations without requiring the presence of rigid hierarchical relationships, as well as a breakthrough feature called intersecting dimensional hierarchies that allows users to perform analytics across any business dimension and hierarchy combination, and to drill down any level of data in the application to view illuminating details and contextual information. This enables companies to explore and analyze their business in ways they could never do without Tidemark, or as 451 Research describes as, “…not easily achieved, or even possible in some cases, with cube-based technologies.”

All of this is packaged in Tidemark’s acclaimed cloud-native, mobile-first platform designed for today’s real-time enterprises and built for users accustomed to the ease of consumer-grade software.

If you’re weighing the notion of incorporating Big Data Finance into your own budgeting, planning, and forecasting (BP&F) consider the bottom line from 451 Research:  “Organizations seeking a mobile-friendly financial planning and analysis service with a big-data angle will like what Tidemark has to offer.”

While the 451 Research Impact Report is only available to subscribers, a demonstration of Tidemark Fall ’14 is available to anyone. Schedule a live 30-minute demo today, and find out how Tidemark can help you look beyond the general ledger to unlock the true potential of Big Data Finance.