Cloud Computing magazinerecently announced the winners of its 2014 Product of the Year Awards. Two Tidemark innovations – Playbooks and our new Financial Planning for Higher Education app – made this year’s list.

TMC, publishers of Cloud Computing, say their Product of the Year Awards recognize “the most innovative, useful and beneficial cloud products and services that have been brought to market in the past year.” That’s high praise, and we’re proud to receive it.

Both Playbooks and our Higher Ed app are cloud industry firsts, which is likely one of the reasons they were chosen. But there’s more to the story than just delivering a truly new product. I think what makes these two Tidemark innovations stand out is their ability transform how people work.

Take Playbooks, which we introduced as part of our Spring ’14 release.  Considered the digital “board book” for the 21st Century, Playbooks provides a revolutionary way for managers and executives to uncover revenue and growth opportunities in an intuitive, comprehensive format that can be securely shared across the organization. Playbooks pulls from real-time performance data, conversations, analyses and notes so decision-makers have a full narrative of what’s happening in the business, along with all the information they need to understand and then act on their most promising opportunities. As a fundamental feature of Tidemark’s modern FP&A platform, Playbooks replaces the cumbersome printed reports and binders that previously took weeks to prepare, and it makes all of this information available to any authorized stakeholder using any mobile device.

Our Financial Planning for Higher Education app, which we launched in June, is no less transformative. Designed specifically for the planning, budgeting and forecasting environments that are unique to colleges and universities, this Tidemark app enables institutions to replace their centralized, largely manual planning and reporting cycles built around Excel spreadsheets and difficult legacy platforms. Designed so department heads across the institution can see how their actuals compare to plan at any moment, this powerful app brings more people in the ongoing planning process. That means they participate every day, not just once a year, which ensures that precious budget dollars are more wisely and carefully spent and reduces the risk of unexpected outcomes.  With granular views of spending based on real-time data and the ability to model what-if scenarios before taking action, Financial Planning for Higher Education takes the guesswork out of planning at a time when every penny counts.

It’s exciting to see our breakthroughs honored by TMC and Cloud Computing magazine.  And we acknowledge the crucial contribution of Tidemark’s customers, because it’s their commitment to transforming their FP&A processes that drives us to invent and innovate. Without their willingness to collaborate with us on new features and capabilities, there would be nothing to celebrate. It’s with gratitude that we share these awards with them.