Remember when you could reliably predict the future by extrapolating what happened in the past?

Those days are far behind us now.

Just ask Steve Strout, vice president of corporate technology services at BlackBerry, the company that created the smart phone category. Today, Steve and the rest of BlackBerry’s leadership team are working to recapture market leadership, and they’re doing it by looking forward.

As companies like BlackBerry have discovered, winning in a real-time marketplace requires an understanding of what will happen tomorrow, next week and next quarter.  They’re doing it by leveraging real-time data from dozens of external sources to gain a better understanding of what drives their internal performance metrics. Then they apply something they’ve never had before –predictive analytics – to gain the insights they need to respond in real-time to current and future market shifts and customer demands.

On Jan. 21, you can join Tidemark for “Looking Back Equals Extinction: Predictive Analytics Drives Market Leadership.” This complimentary, one-hour webcast features an interactive panel discussion with BlackBerry’s Steve Strout, Proformative CEO (and four-time CFO) John Kogan, and Tidemark’s Founder and CEO Christian Gheorghe. Attendees will gain an up-close, real-world view of how predictive analytics can help transform the way companies plan for the future and react to the present. Register to learn:

  • What predictive analytics is, and what it isn’t
  • The differences between forecasting and predictive modeling
  • How companies can move away from reactive analytics to proactive (inferential) analytics that make businesses more agile

And with BlackBerry undergoing its own transformation, attendees will discover what BlackBerry has learned from its experience, including specific lessons in redefining the crucial partnership between technology and finance, and the enterprise as a whole.

The panel will also answer essential questions, including:

  • When should enterprises move from premise-based to SaaS technologies?
  • How do CFOs and CIOs best work together on a predictive analytics initiative? Where do they start?
  • Does predictive offer a way to play offense and defense simultaneously?
  • How do companies understand where they are now vs. where they need to go?

Register today and find out how predictive analytics can reduce the risks of an uncertain future.

Tidemark & Proformative Present

Looking Back Equals Extinction: Predictive Analytics Drives Market Leadership

Wednesday Jan. 21

11 a.m. to Noon Pacific