We talk a lot about transforming FP&A processes. We explore how timeworn, largely manual and highly restrictive planning and analytics processes are simply no longer relevant in today’s enterprise. We discuss how new, collaborative FP&A approaches offer finance teams (and the departments that interact with them) to plan using real-time, real-world information and in ways that reflect the business processes they have in place today.

We’re not alone. A recent Genpact survey of executives at 150 companies found 80 percent of those polled said they see plenty of room for improvement in the quality and timeliness of their insights. In other words, they see a need for transformation.

Perhaps this explains why more than 250 FP&A executives are expected to gather in San Diego Feb. 18-19 for the FP&A Innovation Summit.  Decision-makers in every industry are trying to get a fix on how they can implement data-driven planning and budgeting – the kind of continuous forecasting that ensures plans are always up to date and surprises are rare.

Fortunately, they’ll get a lot of answers at the FP&A Innovation Summit, where Tidemark is a sponsor. In addition to conference sessions on finance transformation, modern analytics, and breaking out of Excel hell, attendees can visit the Tidemark booth to see our modern planning and analytics applications can power their own unique transformation.  They’ll also hear how Cerner, a leader in healthcare software, jettisoned disjointed and manual spreadsheet planning in favor of Tidemark’s collaborative, cloud-native platform – with remarkable results.

If you’re attending the FP&A Innovation Summit, stop by and see us. And join the transformation conversation.