ENGIE Group is a global powerhouse and an expert operator in the three key sectors of electricity, natural gas and energy services. Not only is ENGIE the no.1 independent power producer in the world, but with its 346 exploration and production licenses in 17 countries, the global company is also the no. 1 distribution network for natural gas in all of Europe. In addition, they are the no.1 supplier of energy efficiency services worldwide. ENGIE Group is also the latest multinational corporation to select Tidemark to embrace a forward-looking approach to finance-driven transformation.

Since ENGIE is present on 5 continents and 70 countries, it was imperative for the large global entity to select an enterprise-class, corporate performance management (CPM) platform that was capable of improving efficiencies in Finance, but also easy enough to engage employees at the edges of the organization, outside of the department. ENGIE desired a platform that was capable of serving as the single source of truth for the entire company, capturing large amounts of data from multiple levels throughout the organization -- from operations, human resources, marketing, and sales -- into one secure, structured environment.

As ENGIE said in the recent press release:

“In conjunction with this planned transformation, the ENGIE Finance Division initiated the reorganization of the Corporate Management and Reporting and Shared Services functions with the merger, to improve productivity, of its HR Management and Finance Reporting procedures.”

While Tidemark will immediately serve as a tool for ENGIE Finance, HR and Corporate Management, due to its industry-first built-in visualization capabilities the Tidemark platform will also be used to illustrate the company’s performance companywide. ENGIE will have the ability to showcase consumerized narratives on what is really driving its business to its entire staff comprised of 152,900 employees. With a distributed workforce, ENGIE will also take advantage of Tidemark’s mobile-first design to make the data and insights available on every device.

Partnering with companies with exception vision to advance our society energizes the entire Tidemark team and community. As the global entity strives to change our civilization by maintaining the preservation of natural resources, we couldn't be happier to support the effort and be part of its mission.