At Tidemark our mission is to significantly alter and reshape how companies plan and forecast their businesses. When we founded Tidemark five years ago, we sought to unlock the information trapped throughout several enterprise legacy systems so finance and indeed business users at all levels can make better decisions that improve a company's performance. We fought hard to make sure we didn’t just make incremental improvements or simply airlift spreadsheets, rather we wanted to utilize what we learned from our days at OutlookSoft, listen to the voices of our community, and re-imagine FP&A and decision making for the office of the CFO in the 21st century.

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That’s why each Tidemark release is packed with innovations shaped by input we receive directly from our most trusted customers. So as we launch Tidemark Fall ‘15 today, these remarkable companies – leaders in retail, hospitality, insurance, higher education and technology – deserve all the credit for the new features and unprecedented value built into this new release. It’s their achievement as much as it is ours.

Accelerating the rise of the CFO by delivering new capabilities that help finance play a more strategic role in digital strategy is a driving force for why the Fall ‘15 release is built and designed the way it is. CFOs tell us they need new ways of making decisions, and in order to do that effectively they need new data sets to analyze, correlate, measure and experiment with.

After all, helping CFOs get a handle on the analytics agenda will in turn help them get control of the digital agenda.

It is with that reasoning we’re so proud to introduce Tidemark Compete™ in our new Fall ‘15 release. Our users will be able to use our platform to weave together financial, operational, transactional, social, machine-driven and benchmark data into a cohesive whole and realize the vision they helped Tidemark create.  The Tidemark’s Fall ‘15 release brings:

Introducing Tidemark Compete

Quantify and Out Analyze the Competition
Analyze any product, category or company to create benchmarks against competitors, all within the same performance management environment.

Leverage Proprietary or 3rd-Party Data
Unify external proprietary and 3rd-party data with internal financial and operational data to gain market share analysis sliced by state, region and zip code.

Build Accurate Forecasts and What-If Scenarios with Machine Learning
Correlate Proprietary, 3rd-party, and competitive data to company performance.

New Industry Specific Packaged Processes

Move to Self-Reliance Faster
Avoid lengthy customization and service costs by reducing configuration of industry-specific metrics with industry-specific metrics with industry-packaged processes.

Bridge finance and operations with SKU level forecasting and analysis for better profitability. Learn More

Leverage "shared services" so individual properties can tap into core business functions. Learn More

Streamline and modernize core business processes with a self-service environment to drastically shorten the budget process. Learn More

Better Decision Making For Finance and Beyond

Predict the Most Desired Outcomes
Take advantage of machine learning algorithms to understand paths for several scenarios, determine risk and select the best outcomes.

Think Beyond the Numbers
Visualize forecasts, budgets, competitive analysis and reports as one narrative and roll them out to field workers and store managers in real-time.

Make Planning and Reporting a Collaborative and Actionable Exercise
Process and share critical information from all facets of the organization.

CFOs need more speed and actionability out of their performance management platform to make real use of the data now available to them. Without that capability, transformational efforts can’t possibly achieve what companies want them to.

Please join me and be sure to see Fall '15 features for the first time on Sept. 29 at 10 am PST via our live webcast or Schedule a demo today, and find out how Tidemark can accelerate your finance transformation.