Making a Murderer

When asked about Netflix, a popular catch phrase we continue to use is ‘killing it.’ That phrase may be even more relevant today when thinking about the global entertainment company.

Surely you’re familiar with the online streaming powerhouse that almost single-handedly gave rise to the term ‘binge watching.’ It’s unlikely you haven’t heard of  “House of Cards,” “Orange is the New Black,” or others. One reason Netflix is able to continually produce hit after hit is their modern planning process.

Take for example its latest sensation, the documentary series “Making a Murderer.”  Trending topic no.1 in many social networks right now, the originally produced series is a fantastic example of how a business that incorporates social data into their corporate planning can consistently achieve goal after goal.

In fact, a number of organizations are starting to take a similar approach. A planning methodology that includes analysis of third party data in real-time instead of only historical data can help business units more accurately predict the best scenarios that may lead to their goal (in Netflix’s case, producing more award-winning hits that its fans want to see). When a business combines these insights with operational and financial data in the same environment, decision-makers can access not only outside sentiment but also correlate that to company information that helps them budget and operationalize a plan – both quicker and more collaboratively.

As a business, that's how you make a 'murdering.' Don't believe us? Well, plenty of subscribers and investors do. NFLX was one of the best performing S&P 500 stock in 2015, and they just announced this week they are expanded from 60 countries to 130. Killing it.