At Tidemark our vision is to re-imagine budgeting, planning and forecasting by unlocking the information stored throughout organizations so better decisions can be made with data that improve a company's performance. Since our inception, we’ve been fortunate to partner with many brands, leaders, CEOs, CFOs and CIOs on their journey to transform finance and operations for the digital era.

Today, we’re fortunate to gain a new ally in one of the top technology investment firms.

It’s an exciting time for Tidemark customers, partners and employees as we’re thrilled to announce a growth investment from Marlin Equity Partners! With over $3 billion of capital under management, the firm has resources and relationships across multiple industries and geographies. Marlin also has a very strong track record to significantly strengthen a company’s outlook while enhancing the value they deliver to their customers. We’re incredibly honored to partner with the global investment firm in our mission to advance and enrich FP&A!

As Tidemark continued to surpass important milestones over the past year -- like its first Fortune 50 customer, surging ARR growth and more than 30 new go-lives in the past six months -- it become clear that in order to maintain the accelerated rate of growth, the company would need to find a special type of partner. With a range of industry leading brands like ENGIE Group, the no. 1 independent power producer in the world, or Acxiom Data Corp., the top provider of consumer data, or the elite academic institution Stanford University, we sought an investment firm to help accelerate the maturity of our operations to deliver better services and support to our customers. Marlin’s global network and history of success with other first-to-market technologies stood out as the most complimentary and ideal partner.

Corporate finance has long been a black box. Analysis from financial and operational data is perhaps the key to unlocking better planning and performance across the entire business, yet historically it remains relegated to only a select few. Marlin has deep experience with innovation in the market, and together we look forward to continue our work to help FP&A teams become high performance finance teams and lead with transformation in their enterprise performance management (EPM) efforts.