Big Data Integration

Achieving business value requires taking the right actions at the right time. The information needed to take action comes from a vast amount of structured and unstructured data found in disparate systems throughout the organization. Unfortunately, most organizations can’t access the necessary information because they’re burdened with huge maintenance costs and little innovation in their legacy products.

By combining SnapLogic’s leading cloud-based data integration platform and Tidemark’s purpose-built corporate performance management software, organizations can extract immediate value from large amounts of complex, dynamic data from hundreds of different data sources.

Big Data Integration

SnapLogic’s cloud connection technology integrates Tidemark with popular enterprise applications, including on-premise legacy applications like SAP and Oracle, as well as modern cloud-based solutions like Hundreds of other applications, such as e-commerce systems, mass e-mail and social networks, can also be integrated via connectors or “Snaps” from SnapLogic’s SnapStore.

Upon installations, Tidemark leverages the SnapLogic Server and Snaps for big data integration. With the embedded SnapLogic solution, Tidemark users get:

  • Data Integration Server: The SnapLogic Server goes beyond traditional extract, transform and load (ETL) capabilities by offering discoverable, callable and reusable data services. Its REST-based engine works like a web server, so the engine reads, transforms and writes data in a web format. Data can be brought into Tidemark’s environment in a high performance, reliable manner running completely in the cloud.
  • SnapStore: SnapLogic Snaps are modular collections of integration components built for a specific application or data source. Snaps shield business users and developers from much of the complexity of the underlying application, data model and service. Snaps are easy to build and modify, and are based on an open and standardized development environment. The SnapStore lets you purchase and download a Snap in seconds to connect any data source to Tidemark.
  • SnapReduce for Hadoop: SnapReduce transforms SnapLogic data integration pipelines directly into MapReduce tasks that run on the Tidemark Corporate Performance Management Solution, making Hadoop processing more accessible and resulting in optimal Hadoop cluster utilization. SnapReduce matches SnapLogic dataflow pipelines directly to equivalent MapReduce jobs resulting in more efficient data processing and pipeline monitoring on Hadoop.

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