Big Data Processing

Tidemark’s Corporate Performance Management Software solution is built on Apache Hadoop. The Apache Hadoop software library is a framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models.

Apache Hadoop

The core of Apache Hadoop consists of a storage part, known as Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and a processing part called MapReduce. Hadoop splits files into large blocks and distributes them amongst the nodes in the cluster. To process the data, Hadoop MapReduce transfers packaged code for nodes to process in parallel, based on the data each node needs to process. This approach takes advantage of data locality – nodes manipulating the data that they have on hand – to allow the data to be processed faster and more efficiently than more conventional supercomputer architectures that rely on a parallel file system where computation and data are connected via high-speed networking.

The Apache Hadoop architecture allows Tidemark to offer customers a corporate performance management solution that is distinguished by:

  • Variety: Support for the full spectrum of data enterprises are looking to extract analytic value from, including structured, tabular data, streams, XML and unstructured data such as video and audio without predefining the schema in advance.

  • Velocity: The ability to ingest data, change its structure and repurpose it at rapid pace without all the legacy hassles of database table restructuring.

  • Volume: The possibility to extract value from petabyte scale data sources in a fraction of time and cost of legacy databases.

  • Value:  Running on a multi-tenant, highly available, cost efficient infrastructure that customers can fully deploy in less than 30 days.

"Our partnership with Tidemark is a natural fit as we continue to expand the footprint of Apache Hadoop across mainstream commercial environments. Enterprises can now quickly and easily deploy rich EPM applications on Apache Hadoop optimized for production level environments and aimed at an entirely new category of business users," said Mike Olson, CEO, Cloudera. "We've seen huge traction in adoption of Hadoop in the enterprise. Applications built to leverage Hadoop and deliver actionable performance information to business decision makers will increase the time to value multiple times over. We are excited that Tidemark is investing to meet this demand and we're thrilled to welcome them to the Cloudera Connect Partner Program."

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