Tidemark Playbooks

Capture and Share Revenue and Growth "Plays"

Reports and presentations require lots of time collating information and analysis into a summarized and shareable format. Comments and collaborations are often over email, which create the risk of omitting key stakeholders from the conversation and losing valuable context. Tidemark Playbooks are a revolutionary way to uncover revenue and growth opportunities and to share details across your entire organization.

Create Highlight Reels of What You Need to Share

Gather Disparate Pieces of Information

Add reports, conversations, analyses, and notes to a Playbook before sharing with the audience you choose.

Manage Performance and Optimize Results

Discover the "plays" you want to make by grasping the full narrative of what's happening and which actions should be taken.

Identify and Act on Revenue-Driving Activities

Pinpoint and act on context-driven "plays" that were previously held hostage by cumbersome and outdated financial processes.

Share Your Playbook with the Right People

Real-Time Sharing

Capture analysis sequences and conclusions in shareable form immediately as a Playbook.

With Anyone and Anywhere

Allow both Tidemark and non-Tidemark users inside and outside the organization to easily review your Playbook from anywhere on any device for free.

Get Collaborative with "Board Book" for the 21st Century

Ensure Information is Actionable to all Decision Makers

Add content directly within Tidemark and share real-time company performance information with stakeholders across the entire organization so you can collaborate and model future outcomes in real-time.

Move to Digital Board Books

"Tidemark Playbooks are extremely innovative and we see a lot of opportunity to leverage them quickly. We envision using Playbooks to replace our Budget Binder and many of the other reporting books we currently use."

Kristi Duncan, Senior Vice President of Finance, Ernest Health