Tidemark Storylines

Steer Your Business to Profitability and Success with a Story Everyone Understands.

Tidemark Storylines transform enterprise analytics into actionable infographics that present a narrative view of performance, profitability, people, and more. By replacing static executive dashboards and board report books with actionable visualizations, Storylines enable anyone to uncover more detail or see the impact of changes on the entire business.

  • Create data visualizations that combine operational and financial data with unstructured data.
  • Share a compelling, accurate story of your business today for discussion and interaction.
  • Play out scenarios instantly and capture the results to steer your business to success.

Rich Data in a Meaningful Context

Storylines layer Tidemark analytics technology on top of your financial management and operational systems and pull data from external sources as varied as labor statistics, weather conditions and Twitter. The result is a rich, dynamic picture of what's really happening with your company and the factors influencing change.

Beautiful, Functional Data Visualizations

Native mobile applications generate Storylines with full functionality on any device you choose. Executives have access at their fingertips to key information with the data and process behind it. Mobile annotations and in-process collaboration encourage and capture decision details.

* Storyline visualizations subject to change based on Tidemark published product roadmap.

The Stories You Tell

Tidemark analytics apps include pre-built Storylines to share the narratives that drive business planning and management.

Overall Health drives participation in business performance management by making key performance indicators easy to track and take action to change.

Profitability highlights what's adding to and diminishing profit across every segment - customer, product, project, region, channel, etc. so everyone can visualize profitability.

People simplifies headcount planning with a clear view of all factors that contribute to workforce hiring: compensation, candidate pool, and tenure in each of your hiring locations.

What Ifs model the overall impact of changes to key business drivers to better understand risk and take advantage of opportunities.

Forecast Trends put the spotlight on which factors contribute to forecast variances to drive more accurate forecasting.