Financial Planning

Tidemark Financial Planning

Is your financial planning process a collaborative, continuous planning environment fed by always-current data? More than likely, it’s not. Most financial planning processes are driven by a few power users that don’t interact with the edges of the organization. If you’re using legacy planning systems or spreadsheets, you can’t leverage external information – from social networks, point-of-sale sensors and more – that adds useful context to core performance analytics.

Bring Process, Collaboration and Prediction to Financial Planning

Infuse modern capabilities into your financial planning processes, including structured and context-aware collaboration, the ability to drill down to line-item details, and accurate what-if scenario modeling with predictive analysis.

  • Create budgets, forecasts and plans around your processes
  • Analyze your financial performance and identify factors that drive it
  • Model exploratory "what-if" scenarios
  • Incorporate predictive analytics to develop forward-looking forecasts
  • Leverage operational, transactional and Big Data sources for planning elements
  • Collaborate with LOB managers for truly integrated planning
  • Use visual narratives to extend performance visibility across the organization

Budgeting, Forecasting, and Planning with Modern Finance

Eliminate surprises, mitigate risk, and anticipate where and when your business will need to pivot by feeding plans with real-time data that's relevant the moment you need to act.

Leverage preconfigured, flexible application processes for each of the following.


Leverage Transactions from Leading Workforce and Financial Management Systems

Through alliances and integrations with SnapLogic and Workday, Tidemark can import data from cloud and on-premise financial management, ERP, CRM and sales systems so you can improve the accuracy of plans and enhance them with social, mobile, and other Big Data to develop predictive cost budgets and revenue forecasts.

The Tidemark Advantage

Access a flexible, scalable baseline for revenue and expense planning needs, including configured processes, dimensions, and analytics.

Achieve the following benefits:

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