Acosta Sales & Marketing Selects Tidemark as Its New Enterprise Performance Management Platform

Acosta Sales & Marketing adopts the industry's first EPM platform built for the cloud to replace its legacy systems

Tidemark, whose Enterprise Performance Management platform is built for the cloud, announced today that Acosta Sales & Marketing (privately held), the sales and marketing powerhouse behind more than a thousand of the biggest brands you see in stores every day, has selected Tidemark as its new Enterprise Performance Management platform. Over the next 12 months, Acosta will be replacing its legacy EPM solutions with Tidemark to deliver financial reporting & analysis, planning, budgeting, and forecasting, and profitability modeling applications across the enterprise.

The Tidemark EPM platform delivers real-time, robust risk-adjusted metrics management, strategic, financial, and operational planning and forecasting, and profitability modeling to empower all business people. "Our existing EPM system delivered some value to our finance team but provided only basic reporting to our management group.  Working with Tidemark over the last year, I finally see a unified system that both finance AND management can use to gain key insights into the relevant financial drivers of the business,” said Sean Anthony, Vice President of Treasury and Planning at Acosta Sales & Marketing.  "I am also very excited about Tidemark's cloud delivery model. This will provide significant cost reductions by eliminating maintenance costs and the operational overhead of having to maintain servers ourselves."

"We couldn't be more pleased that this North American leader in sales and marketing has selected Tidemark for its EPM applications. By working closely with Acosta, we saw that the numerous shortcomings in its legacy systems didn't give the company all the ability it needed to run its business. With Tidemark, the ability to do client and customer profitability modeling to drive more accurate pricing and significantly improve margins will become a reality for Acosta," said Christian Gheorghe, Founder and CEO at Tidemark. "With this selection, we are looking forward to helping Acosta meet its strategic business goals today and providing the company with the next generation enterprise performance management platform that will meet the needs of its future analytic processes. We look forward to celebrating Acosta's success as it deploys the Tidemark EPM platform across its business."

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