Tidemark Modernizes Enterprise Performance Management and Business Analytics with Fall 2013 Release

Powerful New Capabilities Arm Finance Executives with Insights Needed to Play a More Strategic Role in the Enterprise

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – October 23, 2013 – With businesses worldwide straining to overcome the limitations of their legacy enterprise performance management platforms, Tidemark, the cloud-based enterprise analytics company, today unleashed powerful new capabilities that enable businesses to transform their business processes, financial modeling and operational planning.

In its Fall 2013 release, Tidemark arms finance executives with insights that help them play a more strategic role within the enterprise. Innovative new features make it easier to align business decisions with financial realities and goals, while engaging stakeholders across the company in a results-driven culture of performance. Crucial enhancements, such as advanced modeling capabilities, turn core modelers into strategic business advisors.

The Tidemark Fall 2013 release enables everyone in the organization to participate in core enterprise performance management processes. Using Tidemark, people closest to each facet of a company’s operations can provide input on financial plans, forecasts and operational analyses. Featuring an elegant user experience, modeling and analytics, Tidemark engages more employees and depicts the company’s story so everyone can understand the data and its implications, providing an environment that encourages people to collaborate in order to solve complex data challenges.

Fall 2013 Release Facts

Working with key customers, Tidemark has enhanced its Fall 2013 release with two new applications. These include the following:

  • Labor and planning expenses management: Customers can gain a competitive edge by driving visibility, accountability, and “what-if” analyses for their largest expense area.
  • Profitability modeling and analysis: By promoting collaborative action and driving transparency, customers can better take advantage of opportunities to maximize profitability or dynamically address challenges that threaten it.

In addition, Tidemark’s Fall 2013 release includes 25 new features that embody Tidemark’s customer-focused drive to modernize enterprise performance management, enabling such capabilities as:

  • Planning initiatives, managing IT spending and forecasting sales:Organizations have more tools and capabilities for deriving improved performance from more aspects of their business, especially those that extend well beyond finance.
  • Process-aware modeling at “cloud scale”: Companies can configure performance-related analytic processes that drive engagement and empowerment across their business. Because Tidemark’s modern cloud and computation architecture isn’t constrained by cubes, customers experience vastly superior performance and ease of use, acquire actionable big data insights in the context of the process, and realize unprecedented time-to-value.

“Today more than ever, the finance organization is being held accountable to plan, make decisions and take action to drive the business forward,” said Tony Rizzo, co-founder and chief product officer, Tidemark. “But their ability to succeed is in jeopardy when all they have to rely on are legacy applications that produce piles of out of context data and reports most people don’t understand. Our Fall 2013 release attacks those challenges head on by introducing new capabilities and applications that modernize enterprise performance management and business analytics. The result is a user-friendly environment that transcends the old boundaries of function, department and line of business and brings every stakeholder into the planning process. Tidemark’s Fall 2013 release enables finance to create the culture of performance necessary for them to succeed in today’s business environment,” added Rizzo.

Positive Analyst and Customer Reaction

“Our research finds there is a lack of intuitive business planning that is efficient and effective in providing analytics that can be acted upon,” said Mark Smith, CEO, Ventana Research. “Tidemark’s Fall 2013 release is the next generation of business planning that enables the easy analysis, planning and alignment to performance necessary for everyone to participate and to become engaged in improving business outcomes. Tidemarkr’s intuitive, natural language approach and elegance of planning and modeling analytics goes well beyond the traditional planning software of the past to help organizations reach their potential.”

“By giving people tools that enable and encourage financial planning and analysis, we expect to create a value-add environment where employees are engaged and feel a sense of ownership,” said Susan Howitt, associate vice president for budget and planning, Brown University. “Team members across the organization are empowered to interact with data, suggest improvements and make better decisions. It is a culture shift – and it’s one we expect to continue with the Fall 2013 release.”

“Our rapid growth has led to challenges in hiring to plan, retaining talent and keeping costs in line while ensuring the business can invest where it needs to fuel growth,” said Dave Stack, CFO at HubSpot, a provider of all-in-one inbound marketing solutions. “With Tidemark, we’ve transformed our approach to performance management and analysis with real-time visibility into where we are and the ability to communicate in a way that hiring managers understand. We are transforming into a culture of performance and a true data-driven company.”

“We have a complex tops down and bottoms up annual financial planning process, built by region and business model,” said Kimberly Gerard, senior director of financial planning and analysis at Cerner, an international health care information technology corporation. “With Tidemark, we can now drive more accountability into the planning process with ‘what if’ modeling capabilities for forecasting and planning across the entire organization. The Tidemark Fall 2013 release gives us a scalable modeling environment that streamlines forecasting and planning with more detailed support for accuracy and awareness that results in fewer surprises and more aligned decision-making.”

See Tidemark Fall 2013 Release in Action

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About Tidemark

Tidemark helps companies foster a culture of performance with cloud-based enterprise analytics that engage the entire organization in business transformation. Tidemark’s apps involve multiple lines of business in core enterprise performance management processes, such as planning, forecasting and analysis, for greater collaboration and context. Leading companies transforming their businesses with Tidemark include Chiquita, Hostess Brands, Chuck E. Cheese’s, HubSpot, ServiceSource and Brown University. Tidemark is funded by Greylock Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Redpoint Ventures, Tenaya Capital and Dave Duffield. To learn more about Tidemark, please visitwww.tidemark.com or follow us on twitter @TidemarkEPM.