Tidemark Storylines™ Bring Analytics to the Many

CEC, G&K and Other Industry Leading Companies Transform Financial and Operational Performance in Less than 90 Days

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – March 27, 2013 – Tidemark, the enterprise performance management (EPM) company built for the cloud, today unveiled Tidemark Storylines™ as part of its Spring 2013 release. Tidemark Storylines are actionable visualizations that dynamically tell the “story” of a company’s performance. These Storylines redefine antiquated dashboards and reports by helping companies not only make sense of rising amounts of internal and external data, but also enable business users to take action and impact the companies’ performance.

The Tidemark Spring 2013 release also includes over 30 re-imagined features that help companies plan, forecast, and analyze performance in the context of their financial and operational processes. The company also announced an expanded integration with Box, via Box Embed, that allows Tidemark and Box customers to seamlessly share content and collaborate within the context of their analytic processes.

Tidemark Storylines: Every Company has a Story. Why not tell it?

Tidemark Storylines bring analytics to the many, providing unique and actionable insight lacking in today’s antiquated business reporting landscape. Storylines included in this release focus on vital business processes such as “Overall Company Health”, “What Happens If”, “Forecast Variances”, “Profitability” and “People.”

“Business reporting is broken - stagnated decades ago, built upon stacks of dense, complex and dated reports and dashboards that few people ever read,” said Tidemark Founder and CEO Christian Gheorghe. “Data is nothing without context and it’s our mission to democratize business analytics by providing actionability to make intelligent decisions. Tidemark Storylines allow business people to create the story of their companies not merely report it.”

Industry experts agree that antiquated reporting, out of context data visualizations and static dashboards no longer meet the needs of today’s modern organizations and that Tidemark Storylines offer a revolutionary way to move the industry forward.

"Most business leaders don't want to take data sources and transform them into useful information. They expect the technology to simplify this complexity, “ said Ray Wang, Principal and CEO, Constellation Research. “A mobile first user interface that facilitates collaboration and actionability represents the next generation of solutions that bring analytics to the masses. Leading companies will democratize insight inside their organizations.”

Tidemark Spring 2013 Release Accelerates Replacement of Legacy Applications

Based on input from strategic customers, the Tidemark Spring 2013 releaseincludes over 30 new EPM features focused on delivering disruptive innovation to core planning, forecasting, and analytic processes. Key features include:

  • Enhanced Financial & Operational Modeling: Enhance plans and forecasts with robust driver based planning that links operational drivers to financial results and enables companies to move to continuous forecasting.
  • In-context Collaborations & Annotations: Drive participation by enabling the emerging mobile workforce to collaborate within financial and operational processes.
  • In-context Assumptions: Iterate models rapidly by involving the right people and exposing the assumptions that drive plans & forecasts.
  • In-context Correlation of Big Data: Capture the power of unstructured content to drive full visibility in every process – from planning to disclosures.
  • Self-Reliant Configuration of Applications: Democratize application configuration and modeling to everyone in the organization allowing companies to adapt in real-time as their business changes.

Chuck E Cheese, G&K Join Growing List of Tidemark Customers

Tidemark has seen strong adoption of its EPM applications since its 2012 launch, helping customers transform their financial and operational processes more quickly and efficiently (less than 90 days on average).

  • CEC (NYSE: CEC), a leader in family dining and entertainment with more than 550 Chuck E Cheese’s restaurants and a billion dollars in revenue, uses Tidemark for financial analytics and operational planning, combining information from local stores with corporate financial data to get a complete view of the business.

“Tidemark has provided value to CEC Entertainment by allowing us to rapidly iterate and model what happens under various scenarios, becoming more efficient and effective in our holistic planning. We incorporated the Tidemark system and began using the budgeting aspect within 90 days. We see Tidemark as a strategic partner with endless opportunities for future engagement.” – Michael Furlow, SVP of IT and CIO

  • G&K, a leading provider of work apparel and services to companies across the U.S., generates more than a billion dollars in revenue with 7,500 employees, 160 locations and 160,000 customers. The company uses the Tidemark apps suite to identify key issues within the business to help determine customer profitability.

"With the power of Tidemark, G&K plans to put real-time data and analytics into the hands of our sales and service teams, providing them with insight into customer profitability." -- Matt Goldsberry, Director of Analytics

Strategic Partnership with Box Extends Content and Collaboration

Tidemark and Box have joined together in an effort that enables all business users to fully participate in the management of company performance. Tidemark today announced deeper integration with Box Embed to allow customers to share content and collaborate within the context of their financial and operational processes. This announcement is part of Tidemark’s goal to help customers better manage disclosures through document management, signature, and retention.

“Content and collaboration sit at the heart of nearly every analytical business process,” said Aaron Levie, Co-Founder and CEO, Box. “Our partnership brings content, collaboration, and analytics together to allow customers to manage their end to end financial and operational performance. This delivers huge value to Box and Tidemark customers, allowing them to finally link all their content with their business processes.”

About Tidemark

Tidemark is planning, forecasting, and analytic applications that work for everyone. Tidemark apps are purpose built at the intersection of cloud, mobile and social technologies, enabling medium and large enterprises to change the way they work by turning insight into action. Tidemark is funded by Greylock Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Redpoint Ventures and Dave Duffield. Leading companies are selecting Tidemark multi-tenant EPM platform as their new standard for analytics and performance management. To learn more about Tidemark, please visit www.tidemark.com or follow the company on twitter @TidemarkEPM or on facebook www.facebook.com/tidemark