Performance Analytics

Tidemark Performance Analytics

The time it takes to gather, organize and comprehend business analytics can make what was previously identified as "new" obsolete before it reaches your hands. Without a real-time business planning and analytics environment, it's difficult to develop informed and effective business strategies to move the organization forward.


Access Ongoing Performance of Your Organization and Take Action to Improve it

Ensure the big financial and operational picture isn't lost among static reports and un-actionable dashboards by getting a real-time view of key performance indicators and future performance indicators. Drill into the details quickly and incorporate new insights into your budgeting, forecasting, and planning cycles.


Provide a Picture of Performance Now and in the Future

Gain access to actionable insights into the performance of your organization so business activities and processes can be adjusted to maintain alignment with overall strategic objectives.

Leverage preconfigured, flexible application processes and Storylines, including some detailed metrics for each.


Get an Aligned View of the Data

Look at actionable infographics that present a narrative view of performance, profitability, people, what if scenarios, and forecast trends with Tidemark Storylines. Share the narratives behind performance so anyone can quickly access the information they need to uncover details or see the impact of changes on your entire organization.

Integrate Financial, Operational, and Transactional Data to do Performance and Predictive Analysis

As part of a partnership with SnapLogic and seamless integration with Workday, Tidemark imports and integrates data from cloud and on-premise financial management, ERP, sales and marketing CRM, social, mobile, and Big Data environments so you don't have to.


The Tidemark Advantage

Jumpstart your performance management and planning needs with preconfigured dimensions, metrics, analytics, and visual narratives that fulfill your unique processes and analytics requirements.

Achieve the following benefits:

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