Spring '16 Release Webinar: Insights You Need to Make Decisions That Matter

Introducing Visual Analytics, Live Playbooks and Contextual Modeling for Transformative FP&A Teams 

Internal Budget Transfers

Webinar Replay

The Tidemark Spring '16 release delivers capabilities to help finance and operations teams to model faster, understand the root cause of variances, predict the outcomes of scenarios and collaborate across the organization with more meaningful insights.

This Spring '16 release will showcase:

  • Contextual Modeling - Ground decisions in powerful models built with ease
  • Instant Analytics - Make better decisions faster and improve accuracy
  • Deeper Insights - Explore details behind financial and operational KPIs
  • Live Playbooks and Storylines - Arm key decision-makers with live and interactive information


Emeka Ajoku, VP Product Management, Tidemark

Michael Dunn, Senior Solutions Engineer, Tidemark

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