Meet the Innovators Transforming Enterprise Performance Management ...Again

Tidemark extends financial planning beyond the CFO's office to the front lines of every business decision maker. Tidemark's team has helped more than 5000 companies evolve their analytical capabilities over the past 20 years. We believe it is time to engage every decision maker from finance to operations to business line managers with better data, deeper analysis and a richer experience. That's why we re-imagined enterprise analytics with a powerful, cloud-based analytics platform and intuitive applications designed for mobile-first access.

See How We're Different

Business is moving fast. Financial and operational planning and analysis today must be continuous and all-inclusive, with a deep flexibility that allows companies to identify and respond in real time to internal and external changes. The following ten attributes illustrate why Tidemark's continuous planning solution is essential for today's business environment:

1. Everyone empowered

Providing critical, real-time information to your people is simply providing them with the tools they need to succeed. Tidemark enables and empowers your employees to participate in managing the performance of the business as they make strong, data-driven decisions. We provide the tools to deeply engage operations leaders at the front lines for financial and business planning, as well as a more accurate view of the state of your organization. The more participation, the more manageable your performance.

2. More than cloud-ready: Cloud First

Modern problems require modern technology. Tidemark’s application platform is the only analytics platform re-imagined from the cloud up for a public multitenant cloud stack. Pioneered by Netflix, public cloud architectures are the modern answer for fast, reliable and elastic processing of complex requests providing unparalleled value to users at the speed of business and across your organization.

3. Data-driven decisions at the speed of business

If closing one big deal or losing one key customer can materially change the course of the quarter, then what good are last week’s numbers? To make effective business decisions today, you must use the most current data possible across all dimensions of your business. Leveraging the cloud as a computation platform, Tidemark enables data-driven decisions with multi-dimensional, complex data sets to be processed exponentially faster than typical cube-based approaches.

4. Mobile first, web always

Our HTML5-based user experience works seamlessly on any device from the mobile tablet to the desktop. Weaving collaborations, analytical processes, natural language and beautifully designed performance panels, business people get engaged and empowered to plan, act and transform day-to-day activities easily and efficiently wherever they are.

5. Simplicity of user experience

The key to success is extreme usability. Employees must be able to both access and provide information quickly and easily to derive maximum business value. An effective solution must incorporate vast amounts of data and address enormous complexities--and still present the information in an extremely simplified manner.


6. Process-driven analytics with context

Built-in analytical processes govern business planning activities across your organization. Communication and collaboration from within the context of the application enables a deeper, more rapid understanding of the issues at hand and enables smarter, faster decisions. Business users glean insights quickly and in context. Capturing and sharing the strategies and actions of your best decision makers enables employees to learn from past experiences and make better informed decisions.


7. Deep modeling capabilities

Leveraging Big Data (both historical and real-time streams) combined with powerful, flexible, natural language modeling, we help our customers take action, predict outcomes and drive significantly improved business performance. Changing direction without the modeling capabilities and data to support it is no longer a necessary business practice.


8. Tidemark Storylines

Unique and revolutionary, Storylines allows you to Illustrate your company’s entire business narrative. As actionable visualizations, users dynamically tell the story of your company’s performance in the context of data-driven decisions. These live contextual visualizations help companies make sense of massive amounts of internal and external data in real-time.

9. Time-to-value

The time-to-value for our customers is the best in the industry and an order of magnitude better than legacy applications. Because our primary focus is on people and business requirements rather than the implementation of an infrastructure, we strive to deliver initial value to our customers in as little as 30 days, deliver platform functionality in 60 days and replace legacy applications in 90 days.

10. Founded by Deep Domain Experts, Funded by Heavyweights.

Tidemark’s founders have between them several decades of experience in enterprise performance apps and the current executive team has served in roles at SAP, OutlookSoft, HCL Axon, Cognos and PeopleSoft. Tidemark is funded by Greylock Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Redpoint Ventures, Tenaya Capital, and SVB Capital.