Workday is the leader in enterprise-class, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for managing global businesses, combining a lower cost of ownership with an innovative approach to business applications. Workday delivers unified Human Capital Management, Payroll, and Financial Management solutions designed for today's organizations and the way people work. Delivered in the cloud leveraging a modern technology platform, Workday offers a fresh alternative to legacy ERP. More than 210 customers, spanning mid-sized organizations to Fortune 500 businesses, have selected Workday.

Workday + Tidemark: Planning and Analytics Re-imagined

Tidemark's certified workday integration delivers real-time business value for companies operating in the now, and planning for the future

Tidemark is the only enterprise performance management provider with pre-packaged, seamless integration for Workday. Workday acts as a System of Record with embedded HCM and Financial analytics and actual-to-budget reporting. Tidemark complements these core capabilities with financial and operational planning, and analytics applications that can span multiple source systems. Tidemark users can leverage actuals from Workday, analyze the results, create budgets and forward-looking plans, and make the plans available in Workday.

Joint customers find that these complementary capabilities provide an unprecedented understanding of what's happening in their businesses, and they benefit significantly from the ability to take immediate action from anywhere as new situations arise.

Tidemark and Workday seamlessly share actuals and plans

Tidemark leverages Workday's Web Service API to share data between applications. The data exchange can be configured to happen in near real-time, or may be triggered by specific events such as closing the books in Workday or completing a budget or forecast in Tidemark.

Teams can continue to use Workday as the System of Record for transactional journal entries or HCM records. Tidemark seamlessly obtains this information from Workday and uses it as a basis for budgeting, forecasting and analytics. Finalized budgets and plans can be shared back with Workday at the push of a button, thus completing the cycle.

Worktags incorporated into the planning process

Tidemark has native understanding of Workday Worktags such as Cost Center, Division, Region, Revenue, Spend and other categories as dictated by business processes. And Worktags always remain connected to data as it moves between applications. Customers may incorporate all Worktags into the planning and forecasting process, or may require some for planning and forecasting, while others remain optional. Tidemark gives you the flexibility to use Worktags in whatever way will best facilitate your planning process.

Tidemark customers further benefit from advanced analytics capabilities. Using Workday actuals, Tidemark users can understand the story and trend behind the numbers and act on this information to deliver more accurate plans and data-driven business decisions.

Minimal time to value

Customers consistently go live in 30-90 days as Tidemark's Customer Success team plays immediate focus on business processes rather than the data model to deliver rapid value. Tidemark is a true multi-tenant cloud provider. New releases from Tidemark and Workday are automatically upgraded and tested. Tidemark and Workday collaborate to deliver the greatest possible success for your business.

The defining characteristics of a Tidemark customer:

1. Tidemark customers put their business first.

Tidemark companies forgo pre-defined cubes and inflexible models and manage their FP&A with people at the core.  Unbounded by traditional data structures, finance is free to manage the business process.

2. Tidemark customers see finance as a collaborative function.

Tidemark can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, anytime and on any device. Every stakeholder is empowered with advanced analytics, consistent data sets and built-in contextual collaboration capabilities.

3. Tidemark customers run their business in the now.

Tidemark eliminates lag time and error-prone Excel formulae, processing data calculations up to 10x faster than traditional FP&A solutions. Predictive analytics with what-if modeling helps finance quickly understand business risks and drivers, and enables more accurate forecasts and plans.

4. Tidemark customers act on the story behind the numbers.

Tidemark gives organizations a single view of the business - a complete picture of financial, operational and relevant external data - with contextual analysis. This context, combined with Storylines and Playbooks provide a more fully informed, actionable analysis that drives better business outcomes.

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Workday + Tidemark at ReddyIce, the largest US packaged ice manufacturer


  • Align labor - their largest expense - with seasonal shifts in demand
  • Deliver workforce analytics at a granular level
  • Re-tool IT infrastructure: Replace slow SAP BPC system with real-time data access


  • Joint implementation of Workday's HR platform and Tidemark's cloud-based enterprise planning and analytics solution, running together seamlessly in three month.


  • Increased margins and profitability due to real-time field decisions with immediate access to staffing, overtime variances, payroll and benefits information.
  • Real-time status of where the business is headed and why (causation data) to drive competitiveness.
  • Proactive collaboration across geographies and teams such as finance, HR, IT, operations and sales.

"Tidemark has the inherent ability to consume Worktags. No one else I looked at can do that. And I looked at everyone," says Elliot Lester, ReddyIce vice president of IT.

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